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founder and designer

Sanjin Ferusic has almost twenty years of experience in graphic and web design.

His graphic designer expertise was shaped in a dynamic, demanding, and diverse commercial environment. As part of the ASA Group Team in Sarajevo, he had an opportunity to work with the world’s most trusted and reputable brands including Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda.

After a successful time at ASA Group, Sanjin moved toward pursuing much bigger challenge by accepting the position of “Head of Design” at Violeta company that is known as one of the largest producers of FMCG in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( To further strengthen his domain expertise, he accepted the challenge to lead the team of three designers, with main responsibilities to design the projects, train and manage the team, monitor the progress and deliver as per client’s expectations. This role enabled him to develop exceptional organisational skills as well as the enhancement of his main expertise, graphic design.

Today he works at sanjin&friends design studio that is founded with his best friend and life partner Duska Dragic. They continue to broaden and strengthen their skills together.


graphic and web designer

Duška Dragić has seven years of experience in graphic design.

She graduated at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka. Immediately after she finished her studies, she discovered a passion for graphic design. She dedicated herself seriously to learning and advancing in this area, and she had major mentoring support from her life partner, Sanjin Ferusic, who first hired her to help out in his design studio, but later as a serious contributor.

Today she works at sanjin&friends design studio and continues to broaden and strengthen her skills for graphic and web design.


friend manager

Maša Stojanović Louis has finished History of Art and English language on the Philosophical University in Sarajevo and has a master degree in History of Arts from the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic. 

She has worked in various fields such as being part of production on various regional film and art festivals for the past 13 years, on the ADR and dialogue recording sector in “Marko Louis” studio, Englesh teacher for the Helen Doron School of English, etc. Her studies have enabled her to work in various fields through out the years and explore new and exciting challenges in her workspace. 

Her love for art and design has spread through out her career and has an opportunity to grow more as she is now a project manager of sanjin&friends design studio.